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Can a minor come unaccompanied to the campsite ?

What time should I arrive and depart ?

Can we invite people to the campsite ?

Is there a charge for WIFI ?

What style of bathing suit is allowed ?

Are there any shops within the campsites ?

What should be done on arrival ?

Can I use a charcoal barbecue on the campsite?

Can we pay in multiple installments ?

What are the arrival and departure days ?

Are you VACAF approved ?

What happens if you arrive late (because you cannot arrive at reception opening hours, for example) ?

What payment methods can you book with ?

Are pets allowed ?

Do the rentals have a television ?

Are there any children’s clubs ?

How do I book my holiday with my VACAF rights ?

Is there a welcome booklet ?

What is the Ecological Levy ?

The Campsite has had an ecological approach for many years and now wants to strengthen its actions. As part of our ecological responsibility, we are obliged to set up this ecological fee. This fee amounts to 0.69€ per night and per person, allowing the campsite to set up actions in this sense with the participation of everyone.

The implementation of this fee makes it possible, for example, to finance the reprocessing of waste in order to accentuate selective sorting, to increase the progressive mulching of flower beds and, for the years to come, the creation of various eco-responsible projects, such as the creation of a compost area and more economical water treatment. Provision of more ecological products for the maintenance teams (eco-responsible toilet paper, green cleaning products)

Details and non-exhaustive examples are given below of the actions taken by the campsite to preserve the environment and reduce energy consumption.

Waste treatment :

Water saving :

Saving electricity

Gas Management


Expected environmental improvements in the coming years

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Ranges Area Bedrooms Bathrooms TV lounge Kitchen kit ** Kitchen kit + *** Transat Dishwashers Toaster Beds made up on arrival Hair dryer Bath kit **** Climatisation TV in parents' bedroom Plancha Coffee maker
Cocoon 18mÂČ to 23mÂČ 1 to 2 bedrooms 1 with filters
Evasion 23mÂČ to 30mÂČ 2 bedrooms 1 with filters
Evasion + 31mÂČ to 33mÂČ 2 bedrooms 2 with filters
Loisir 30mÂČ 3 bedrooms 1 with filters
Loisir + 30 3 bedrooms 1 with filters
Confort 40mÂČ 4 bedrooms 1 with filters
Confort + 39mÂČ to 40mÂČ 3 to 4 bedrooms 2 with filters
Mahana 28mÂČ to 40mÂČ 2 to 3 bedrooms 1 to 2 Pods
Premium 28mÂČ to 40mÂČ 2 to 3 bedrooms 1 to 2 Pods

All our accommodations are also equipped with a refrigerator, a table and chairs, crockery, kitchen utensils, an electric coffee maker, a microwave, mattress pads, pillows (60 *60) and blankets.

*the kitchen kit includes : a sponge, a multi-use cleaning pod, a dishwashing liquid pod and two bags of ice cubes

** kitchen kit + includes : a sponge, a multi-use cleaning pod, a dishwashing liquid pod, two bags of ice cubes and a dishwasher tablet

*** the bath kit includes : a tube of shampoo, a tube of shower gel and a bar of soap