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Aloa Vacances loyalty program

Because your loyalty is important to us

Benefit from many advantages!

The Aloa loyalty programme allows you to collect flowers every time you stay at an Aloa Vacances campsite. Thanks to these accumulated flowers, you benefit from numerous advantages. It’s our way of saying thank you!

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Aloa Vacances : Fid
Votre fidélité est récompensée !

What are Aloa flowers?

Aloa flowers are a way to gain higher status and associated benefits. You earn flowers for every eligible booking you make at an Aloa Vacances campsite. The evolution of your status depends on the total number of flowers earned during your qualification period. So the more flowers you earn, the more benefits you get.

What are the different status of the loyalty programme?


Less than 2,000 flowers


Between 2,000 and 5,000 flowers


Between 5 000 and 10 000 flowers


More than 10,000 flowers

How to win Aloa flowers ?

1€ of the rental amount before tax* = 1 Aloa flower

Earn Aloa flowers for every euro spent on the basic rental price excluding tax, i.e. after deduction of 10% VAT (in other words, on the basic amount of your rental, excluding supplements, administration fees, parafiscal taxes, the ecological fee and the 10% VAT applied to the amount of your rental). Please note that this will be rounded up to the nearest euro. Group bookings made by a single person (i.e. more than 2 accommodations in the name of the person making the booking) will not be counted and the flowers acquired at the time of booking will be withdrawn. Your Aloa Vacances flowers will be given to you after your stay in one of the Aloa Vacances campsites, i.e. 8 days after your departure.

Example: if you book a Cocoon Mobile Home at 500€ per week at the basic rate (excluding administration fees, parafiscal taxes, ecological fees and additional services), you will be credited with 450 Aloa Vacances flowers (500€ – 10% VAT) 8 days after the end of your stay.

*VAT : excludes tax

What are the benefits of the loyalty programme?

Depending on your status, you can benefit from various advantages. These allow you to have discounts or services offered. These advantages will be automatically applied to your reservation according to your current status at the time of your reservation.

You can check your status and your number of flowers directly via your space

*Your loyalty programme is automatically set up when you make your first reservation on our website

Aloa Vacances : Nombre De Fleurs Cumulees Grace A Votre Fidelite 3

Use and periods

The benefits are valid according to the opening and closing dates of the campsites and at all the Aloa Vacances campsites listed below, subject to stock availability:antages sont valables selon les dates d’ouverture et de fermeture des campings et dans tous les campings Aloa Vacances listés ci-dessous selon les disponibilités des stocks :

Validity of the programme

Pour que le programme fidélité et ses avantages restent valides, il faut que le titulaire de la carte effectue régulièrement des séjours dans l’un des campings Aloa Vacances. For the loyalty programme and its advantages to remain valid, the cardholder must regularly stay at one of the Aloa Vacances campsites. In other words, the cardholder must not have stayed at an Aloa Vacances campsite for more than 2 years (from the end of the last stay). After two years of absence, the accumulated benefits are automatically cancelled.