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Make your dream holidays come true
with VACAF

You have a limited budget and you want to enjoy some quality time with your family. No way out seems to be possible. You can now count onVACAF to give you the opportunity to go on a trip thanks to a support program set up for you.

Plan your holiday in the Vendee now

The organization is committed to giving you the opportunity to make your dreams come true Indeed, you can benefit from social assistance in order to go on holiday. To do this, your CAF must necessarily adhere to one or more support schemes designed for this purpose. Without this, you are not eligible.

On the other hand, if you receive a letter from your CAF notifying you that you are eligible, you can then submit your application and choose a suitable centre The organisation has a partnership with more than 2000 partners, so you have the opportunity to choose one of the many centres. However, make sure that the centre you choose is accredited by the institution, otherwise your choice will not be validated.

Make your dreams come true at a campsite in Vendée

You are about to see your dreams come true. Submit your application file quickly, and all the necessary steps will be taken to make your trip easier. It is important to know that the amount allocated is proportional to the length of stay and that it is imperative that the recipient be present during the stay. The beneficiary must provide his or her beneficiary number so that the file can be processed.

Today, many families have been able to travel without difficulty thanks to the ingenious idea of this organization, which has become a reference in the field of travel organization. No matter how much money your trip might involve, it provides unwavering support for the family’s happiness.