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Cancellation insurance
Aloa Vacances

For a worry-free vacation, take out cancellation insurance!

What is cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance ensures that you are reimbursed in the event of an unforeseen event.

What does cancellation insurance cover?

Health reasons

Professional reason

Personal reasons

Interruption of stay

When can I take out cancellation insurance?

At the time of booking, we invite you to take out cancellation insurance. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to add it once the stay has been created.

How much does it cost?

Cancellation insurance costs 4% of the total cost of your stay, with a minimum of €25.

How do I get reimbursed for cancellation insurance?

In the event of an unforeseen event, here’s how to declare :

You must notify the Distributor IMMEDIATELY as soon as the Illness first manifests itself or as soon as you become aware of the event giving rise to coverage. At the same time, the claim must be reported within 5 days of the Member becoming aware of it, except in the case of fortuitous events or force majeure.

Claims must be reported as follows:

If the Member does not comply with this time limit for declaring a Claim, and if the Insurer proves that this delay has caused him prejudice, the Member will not benefit from the Guarantee (Article L 113-2 of the French Insurance Code).

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Ranges Bedrooms Bathrooms TV lounge Kitchen kit ** Kitchen kit + *** Transat Dishwashers Toaster Beds made up on arrival Hair dryer Bath kit **** Climatisation TV in parents' bedroom Plancha Coffee maker RMP Other
Cocon 1 Ă  2 chambres 1 with filters PMR Ker Yaoulet
Cocoon + 1 to 2 bedrooms 1 with filters PMR Beauséjour
Evasion 2 bedrooms 1 to 2 with filters PMR Oléron - Riez - Nid - Maïre
Evasion + 2 bedrooms 1 to 2 with filters
Loisir 2 to 4 bedrooms 1 with filters
Loisir + 3 bedrooms 1 to 2* with filters *only at Beauséjour and Maïre
Confort 2 to 4 bedrooms 1 to 2 with filters
Confort + 2 to 4 bedrooms 1 to 2 with filters
Mahana 2 to 3 bedrooms 1 to 2 Pods
Premium* 2 to 3 bedrooms 1 to 2 Pods *except Premium 4pers, 2ch, 28mÂČ Riez
Tribu 6 bedrooms 2 with filters Only in Ajoncs and Ker

All our accommodations are also equipped with a refrigerator, table and chairs, crockery, pots and pans, coffee maker, microwave, undersheets, pillows (60*60) and blankets.

**kitchen kit includes: sponge, cloth, multi-purpose cleaner, washing-up liquid and ice cubes.

*** kitchen kit + includes: sponge, cloth, multi-purpose cleaner, dishwashing liquid, ice cubes and dishwasher tablet

**** bath kit includes: a tube of shampoo, a tube of shower gel and a bar of soap