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Spend your holidays
by the sea

When you want to have a great holiday, the best thing is to choose the right place. Sometimes you don’t really know where to spend your holiday. However, there is a fascinating place like the sea in the Vendée where it is good to be. If you want to get away from it all and find a place where you can relax, choose your campsite near the sea in the Vendée.

Aloa Vacances : Seaside Vendeenne

Camping in Vendée, a moment of pure pleasure

Camping near the beaches of the Vendée will give you great pleasure. Don’t hesitate to put your bags down in the Vendée. Preferably, choose a campsite near the sea to discover the true happiness that this region offers.

With its fine sandy beaches,take advantage of the sun’sgenerosity, which is only there to brighten up every moment of your stay. You are sure to meet people who will share your daily life in case you go alone, as it is a very busy place where many tourists converge. The Vendée is proud to boast of its beaches, which never cease to attract interest and a fairly large flow of visitors every year. This is proof that the beaches in the Vendée are a must for tourism.

Get your camping equipment ready now and then recharge your batteries by taking a few breaths of fresh air.

Have Family fun by the sea

You have the opportunity to have fun with the various idyllic games on offer.
For example, let your children run after the ball with your neighbours’ children, while you share a delicious meal with their parents. Several sports activities such as football, running and swimming are available. The atmosphere is also enhanced by popular sounds.

Life in the Vendée by the sea is very pleasant and it is not the birds with their melodious calls that will say otherwise.