Le Futuroscope,
the park of great pleasures

For a colourful holiday, the magnificent Poitiers park opens its doors to you. It is not only the preferred meeting place for campers, but also the cradle of many fun activities. Children, young people and old people come together in a festive atmosphere.

What about you ? Are you looking for inspiration ? Don’t know where to put your bags ? Then you’ve come to the right place : Futuroscope.

Aloa Vacances : Futuroscope

Travelling through Futuroscope

In the grip of routine and monotony, and looking for an escape, the park offers you a long trip away from your usual surroundings. Climb aboard this fabulous deviceand let yourself be drawn to the wave of happiness that this sophisticated machine promises you.

What if the imaginary world that has long animated your mind was in France ?

In the summer, as in other seasons, many people go campingto change their armor and recharge their batteries. For campers who will spend their holidays in the VendĂ©e, don’t stay sedentary, but rather be mobile to make amazing discoveries. Take advantage of your mobile home holiday to discover this wonderful place, an amusement park with breathtaking scenery. Located in the Vienne region of France, it is one of the parks built using a technological approach.

The Futuroscope, an industry that provides fun

With its spectacular architectural and dimensional configuration, the park offers a multitude of fun activities. It has made a lasting impression on the minds of campers. With live entertainment both indoors and outdoors, there is no room for boredom.

As you walk through the corridors of the park, you can’t help but admirethe sumptuous animated water curtain that sums up the beauty of this park. It is far from being a deserted place as it is lined with ponds and water fountains.

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All our accommodations are also equipped with a refrigerator, a table and chairs, crockery, kitchen utensils, an electric coffee maker, a microwave, mattress pads, pillows (60 *60) and blankets.

*the kitchen kit includes : a sponge, a multi-use cleaning pod, a dishwashing liquid pod and two bags of ice cubes

** kitchen kit + includes : a sponge, a multi-use cleaning pod, a dishwashing liquid pod, two bags of ice cubes and a dishwasher tablet

*** the bath kit includes : a tube of shampoo, a tube of shower gel and a bar of soap